Where the 50s comes to life!

Harking back to a simpler time

In 1989, 5 & Diner was created as a place where people would be transported in time to a place where life was simpler. In the process, the legendary 5 & Diner Restaurants were created. The no-holds-barred 50’s flashback theme with affordable, top-quality food including award-winning burgers and shakes.

5 & Diner in Phoenix

5 & Diner is a landmark in Phoenix and a tradition for many, including movie stars, sports celebrities and our faithful guests. Today there are company-owned and franchised 5 & Diner restaurants stretching from coast to coast, and we are building new diners all the time. Our first two diners were modular buildings, however we now build all our Diners on site.

Retro, but designed for modern tastes

The conceptual development of the 5 & Diner brand is the result of food trend research and careful evaluation, creative planning and years of experience from a man who is passionate about perfection. Our stores have evolved since 1989 in response to customer preferences, but three core objectives have remained unchanged: quality food, value pricing and an atmosphere that takes our customers back in time to a simpler time.

Our concept is more than just a 50’s-style diner with 12 signature burgers. We are also a family destination, complete with a full menu featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We specialize in mouth-watering hamburgers, omelets, skillet breakfasts cooked to perfection, delicious sandwiches, world famous meatloaf and chicken fried steak, fabulous BBQ Ribs and scrumptious desserts.

And we can’t forget those world-famous malts and shakes made with all-natural Breyer’s Ice Cream.

Old-fashioned service never goes out of style

At the 5 & Diner, you can always feel comfortable hanging out with your friends and staying as long as you like.

We are a fun, comfortable and easygoing restaurant.

hot rods parked in front of 5 & Diner, Phoenix
Neon 5 and Diner sign